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In Alaska we have many beaches that are covered with sharp barnacles, broken shells, razor rock and other sharp things that shred the bottom of most inflatable boats. This is why we developed the Grizzly Claw Armor bottom molding.   

Grizzly Claw Armor bottom molding  is a new concept in inflatable boats. Grizzly claw armor is a rub strake molded in a corduroy pattern where each bump in the corduroy pattern is a 1/2 inch half round bead that runs the length of the rub strake molding. We attach a 12 inch wide strip of Grizzly Claw Armor bottom molding the running length of both tubes on Alaska Series Tenders and River Rafts and on Seward, Alaskan and Alaskan Ranger sport boat models we attach a 12 inch wide strip the running length of both tubes and the length of the keel.  

By adding Grizzly Claw Armor bottom molding below the air chambers of the Alaska Series inflatable boats you will add years of life to the bottom of your Alaska Series boat and you'll be able to use your boat with the confidence of having the toughest bottom in the business.  

Grizzly Claw Armor Bottom Molding is exclusive to Alaska Series Inflatable boats. 

Grizzly claw Armor under both tubes and the keel on all Sports Boats grizzlyclaw320S.jpg (31307 bytes)
Grizzly claw under tubes of Tenders 240TDS White 2007 Cutt bottom.jpg (130678 bytes)
Grizzly Claw Armor 3 layer System.  Grizzly claw armor.jpg (91287 bytes)



Add the Grizzly Claw Armor Bottom Molding option to any boat.

Tenders Add to price of boat ALASKAN Sport Boats Add to price of boat
220TDS Standard 350A Standard
240TDS Standard 380A Standard
270TDS Standard 420A Standard
390TDS $310 450A Standard
Stern Tube $335
420AR Standard
240SDS $200 450AR Standard
270SDS $275 480AR Standard
290SDS $285 500AR Standard
320SDS $295 520AR Standard
Transom H  $45 401AJR Standard
River Rafts Kenai Drifters
330S/BS $265 KD 12X24 Standard
360S/BS $285 KD 14X26 Standard
390S/BS $310 KD 16X26 Standard
420S/BS $330 KD 18X26 Standard
450S/BS $370
500S/BS $385
550S/BS $400


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